Project Forms

RimpeX is not limited to manage risks and issues in the project. It’s ability to integrate with project forms is unlimited, such as, RFA, VO, safety hazard, incidents, targets, inspection requests, etc. Each of the category can be monitored in terms of risk exposure, effect on project schedule and impact on quality.

RimpeX Modules & Project Forms

RimpeX risk-based process enhancement system is capable of handling all your processes and project forms through the system. This mechanism allows-

1.Planner to check schedule impact
2.Costing Manager to check any cost impact and
3.Quality Manager to check any impact on quality and reputation.

Every transmittal will undergo the above three checks. RimpeX project forms are categorized under four different modules

1.Risk Management,
2.Health & Safety,
3.Construction Management and
4.Operation & Maintenance

For example, all the activities such as hazard monitoring, incident reporting, etc will be categorized under Health & Safety section as shown in the picture.